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This reading is more in-depth and is tailored to your needs using whichever, and however many, divination tools are needed, as well as mediumship, to connect with those loved ones in spirit for confirmation and validation.

This reading takes approximately 60 mins reading time and the investment is  $75

As a psychic and Medium, Zoƫ connects with each client personally on a psychic level. She does this energetically using divination tools such as Oracle Cards, Pendulums and Psychometry. She also uses mediumship to communicate with your loved ones in spirit, your spirit guides and her own spirit guide team to bring you guidance, affirmation and assurance in your life that will help you on your personal healing journey.

Flexible appointments for all reading services are available during the day, early evening and weekend.

This reading takes approximately 20 mins reading time and the investment is  $40

Please know that I cannot control who does, or, does not, come through in a mediumship reading. We can respectfully ask, but not demand, of Spirit. This reading works wonderfully for those seeking guidance on different aspects of their life and with more than one question or situation as well as for a general overview and affirmation. This reading can be done by phone, on-line or in person in my healing space.

This reading is based around three oracle cards pulled to represent past, present and future and works wonderfully if you have a particular question or situation in mind. It may also include other divination methods as called for and messages from spirit guides and can be done either by phone or on-line.

DISCLAIMER: Please note the information interpreted is not meant to be a substitute for professional advice. You are responsible for choices, decisions or actions you take based on the content of any reading you may receive, and that readings can only be given to those over 18 years of age the reading.


Full Reading

Three Card Pull / SHORT READING